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I have developed a software package to enable businesses like yours to have a better understanding of how they operate, identifying any inefficiencies which need to be addressed to improve the overall performance of their organisation.  My exercise with you would be in 3 phases: Phase 1 - Foundation Package This would involve setting up a Database of the materials you buy in to manufacture your products.  It would also include your labour rates and information on your running costs.  This information would be used to create individual product cost sheets, which would be linked to your current Price List to confirm the profitability of each product. I would also provide an interactive document which would enable you to quickly assess and appreciate the effect which material, labour and running cost increases or reductions would have on your prices or profit margins.  This document would also give you visibility of the ‘make up’ of your products, enabling you to Value Analyse your designs. Phase 2 – Quotation/Invoice Package This would take the data from the Foundation Package to first create a Quotation document, enabling you to prepare Quotes for you clients.  The document would be based on a Spreadsheet, giving you the maths for free.  It would enable you to prepare a Quote, in a matter of minutes and with a minimal amount of typing.  Special products would also be accommodated and the format of the document could also be set up to replicate the layout of your current Quotation document. Information from individual Quotes would be stored in a Quote Bank of potential future orders and an Order Bank would be set up of contracts won, enabling conversion rates to be calculated easily.  It would also give you an ‘at a glance’ overview of which of your products sell well and which don’t.  You’ll probably have a ‘gut feel’ but this will give you the numbers. Once the order has been won, the information used to create the Quote would be used to automatically create the Customer Invoice, thereby reducing your typing even further. Phase 3 – Performance Package  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) would be automatically generated, as data or a series of graphs, to enable your organisation to monitor its actual monthly or quarterly performance against budgeted targets; including turnover, profit and overheads. Consideration would also be given to setting up KPIs specific to your organisation; such as the amount of work carried out in the factory and on the customer’s site, for scheduling purposes. My service would extend to training you and your team how to use these documents.  I would also visit your business say 3 or 4 times a year, to ensure all is OK, to make any improvements or to add or delete products as your range evolves. I take pride in my work and it is important to me that you are not just pleased but delighted in the end result.  Customer satisfaction is important to all businesses and mine is no exception; to this end, I adhere to my Customer Charter: This may all sound complicated, but it’s not.  Contact me so that we can arrange a meeting at a time to suit yourself, even outside normal working hours, when I will be able to demonstrate it more easily and confirm all the Benefits to your organisation.  As they say, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. I look forward to hearing from you.
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