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During my career, I have worked in Manufacturing, Product Development and Sales and have been involved with the development of highly effective systems and processes to ensure that the departments I have worked for have operated as efficiently as possible. More importantly, that the company itself has had visibility of the cost of, and the profit generated by its products, giving it a solid base to build on for future growth and success. On a personal basis, I have an Engineering background and a practical, ‘hands on’ approach, giving me the ability to find solutions to real life problems.  I also believe in keeping things simple, with no fancy jargon. I now want to pass on this expertise to businesses like yours, which produce a range of products but don’t have the time or resource to invest in systems which will give them visibility of how they are performing and help them to plan for the future. With all my customers I follow my Customer Charter: I will endeavour to give you: * a clear Project Brief of what I will provide you with, and also what I will need from you,with regard to information, resource etc * a programme, confirming key dates when I will report back to you. * regular updates throughout your Project * information in a way which is easy to understand, with no fancy jargon * a friendly, local and personal service * return your calls as quickly as possibly
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