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What will it cost?  I’m only a small business and I can’t afford expensive Consultancy fees – my fees would reflect the scale of the project, the size of your organisation and the number of different products you produce, which I believe are all linked.  Can you afford not to commission me? Why do I need you, I could do this myself? – yes, you could but the reason why you haven’t so far is that you don’t have either the time or the resource. You’re too busy doing ‘the day job’. Why do I need to know this ‘level’ of detail, we’ve been OK so far? – but have you really?  These packages will give you, amongst others, visibility of how much profit your individual products are making for you and what you could do to improve your overall performance. I will be giving you a lot of confidential information.  How do I know that you won’t pass it on to one of my competitors? – everything you tell me will be treated in the strictest of confidence.  My business will be built on providing a confidential service which people can trust.  This will take time to build and be very easy to destroy.  I also believe in winning work through referrals which again won’t happen unless people feel that they can trust me.  I believe that people will trust me the same way they trust their Accountant or Solicitor. Will this interfere with what my Accountant does for me? – this will give you ‘day to day’ visibility of how your business is performing, rather than, for example, on a quarterly basis.  Why don’t we include your Accountant in the next meeting so that we can bring him/her on board? What’s a Spreadsheet? class it as a fancy ‘word’ document where you add information and you get the maths for free.  I will provide a set of notes and can train you and your team to use it, if that’s what you deem to be appropriate.  And I’m always on the end of the phone if you have any questions. What if there are no benefits at the end of the process, won’t I have wasted my money?  I can guarantee that there will be some benefits, even if it confirms that you are working efficiently.  Plus of course all my fees can be offset as a company expense.
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